Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 16

Happy Labor Day.  This was our weather just a few days ago - the hail was the size of mini marshmallows and so loud!  It seriously just opened the sky and dumped down for about 15 minutes of CRAZY hail and then it returned to normal.  Today it was 30C (high 80's for you Yanks).  It has been a wild week.
This week we are back to school and also prepping to paint the girls room.  We are so excited to see it all done :)  I will be spending all day Wednesday and Thursday stuck in a hot sweaty room covered in paint while it is blistering hot outside.  No fair!  At least it will all get done.  
Our meals last week were not exactly on course so you are going to see a lot of repeats this week.  What can I say, it was our last week of summer!

Pork tenderloin in apple butter BBQ sauce, loaded mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, corn on the cob

Corn Bust at the church - corn on the cob, delicious chilli, and tonnes of pot luck salads and desserts.  I was in heaven - I love salads!

pork satay with brown basmati rice, garlic and mushroom green beans, mandarin orange spinach salad

something easy since I will be painting all day - I am thinking maybe frozen pizza or maybe even take out

Repeat the day before - whatever I can manage after 2 days of painting.  Maybe I will be smart and put something in the crock pot but I am not going to get my hopes up ... it could just be soup and grilled cheese

Date night - dinner out (either Fri or Sat)

Black bean burritos, spanish rice, raw veggies and dip, maybe some chips and guacamole (if we go out Sat this will be Fridays' meal)

Okay people - share something with me.  What is your favorite fall recipe that you are excited to make once the weather cools down?  I think for me, it is stew.  I love it and can't wait to sop it up with some biscuits or buns!!!


  1. It all sounds so delicious! I am excited to make this classic french recipe It is like beef stew but cooked in red wine instead of broth and then served over fresh pasta. It is so yummy.
    PS: I think you should put off painting until next week. You gotta enjoy these last few hot days!! Have a great week.

  2. Thanks for that recipe barb - I am totally going to try it. I bet it would be fantastic over polenta or creamy mashed potatoes but the pasta sounds yummy as well!