Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week 6

What a fast weekend - is this what I have to look forward to all summer? The weekends are just going to be flying by? I am not ready for that :( We had a decent week here last week, except for the miserable rain that plagued us. It was constant and our town flooded because of it. Thank goodness for living on the top of a hill!!!

Our menu last week was mostly followed, a few switch ups (Wed - Thurs and Fri - Sat) and one total change (Mon) but not bad overall. Let's see what this week brings us:

Korean grilled chicken, red onion and garlic roasted potatoes, balsamic grilled zucchini and steamed green beans (and fudgy brownies for dessert - so yummy!)

Pork satay skewers with rice, green beans and strawberry pecan salad

Spicy Honey Chicken Thighs (the one I missed last week) with parmesan polenta and broccoli

sloppy joes on buns, oven fries and some kind of veggie ... we will see what we have!

Dallin's Birthday so I think I will make rib eye steaks (from his favorite butcher) with sauteed mushrooms and onions, garlic mashed potatoes, glazed zucchini and carrots, fruit salad and cake

maybe homemade pizza (chicken, pesto, caramelized onion, artichokes and sundried tomato is our fave)

Stake Conference so we are eating out

What are you cooking this week? PLEASE share your menus with me - I need some inspiration!!!

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  1. Wow! You seriously are super woman! I maybe make one or two good meals a week and you make them every night!! You inspire me, I'm afraid our menu would just give you a chuckle, not ideas!!