Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 77

Athabasca Falls

Can you feel it?  Those crisp mornings and the cool evenings that take a sweltering hot day and chase it away with its chill?  The smell and the sight?  Summer is winding down.  I am so sad about it, I love summer.  I love having my kids home.  I hate having my kids all off at school all day.  I miss them and want them home.  I want to take them to the lake and to Calaway park, play outside, go for slurpee walks, go camping and go for hikes.  I am dreading September.
Anyway, last week we went to Jasper for a week of holiday.  We stayed in a little cabin with no TV or phone, no internet.  We hiked and had fires, went to the hot springs and played outside.  Fished and snuggled.  It was awesome.  I loved every minute!
This week I am trying to get a few things done around the house like finishing up our playroom remodel and also trying to fit in as much fun stuff from our bucket list as we can.

this week for dinner:

Balsamic marinated steak with sauteed peppers, onions, mushrooms, garden tomatoes all topped with parmesan cheese, lemon roasted potatoes, peas and corn on the cob

Pizza at the lake - it was so hot and wonderful that we just couldn't bring ourselves to come home!

Steak fajitas and salad - we are eating early so we can go see Despicable Me 2

Brown Sugar grilled chicken, quinoa salad, grilled veggies (probably zucchini and peppers) and maybe some more corn (gotta get it in while we can!)

I have enrichment early and may make buns that day so maybe just bun sandwiches for Dal and the kids while I am gone?

Dallin is taking Jack to Father-Son camp so just me and the girls.  Maybe pasta with tomatoes from our garden and salad

Dallin should be home from camp midafternoon so I am thinking of buying a rotisserie chicken and making buffalo chicken sandwiches for anyone who wants them and just pulled chicken and rice and veggies for anyone who doesn't (probably the 3 younger ones).

What are you eating lately?  Tried anything new and fun this summer?  Our meals have all been boring and whatever an be done at the last minute or prepped way in advance.  I need some more last minute meals and need to be much better about using our crock pot in the summer - it would be a life saver!!!

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  1. A week like that in Jasper sounds DIVINE!! I love my tv, phone, internet, but I also think I would love a week without them to FORCE me to play games, read and be old fashioned.

    I'm dreading the end of summer too. I try not to think about it!
    Here's my tip for looking forward to the fal. Buy a really cute jacket or boots that you will look forward to wearing in the fall! ;)