Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back in the Saddle/Week 76

Okay, okay, I know that no apologies are necessary but I just fort of fell off the planet.  I have no excuses, just had too much on my plate and this was the one thing to go.  Our summer has been jam packed with family stuff, vacations, reunions, camping, weekend fun stuff and lots of little things.  We made a Summer Bucket List at the end of June and we all wrote out things on clothes pins that we wanted to do for the summer and put them around the edge.  Each time we do something we take it off and throw it in the bucket.  hopefully by the end of our summer we will have done a tonne of stuff and not just wasted our time off!  It is wishful thinking but so far it is working.
We just got back from one of our favourite parts of summer, the Prince Family Reunion.  Dallin's mom is one of 10 and those 10 are all married and have 47 grandchildren and those 47 have 80+ great-grandchildren so it is one big party!  4 days of non stop food, fun and family!  It is mayhem and I love it.  This year they somehow managed to make it feel completely doable and less chaotic and there was lots of downtime and great crafts and food but not so hectic as it has felt before.  The fact that my kids are all getting older and can manage better on their own and don't have to be chased every second or need naps helps a tonne, too.
As for our summer meals?  Some are well planned masterpieces and most are ..... well, what can you grab when it is 7pm and no one has eaten yet kind of affairs.  I will post my menu this week but who knows how much of it will get done ;)

This week for dinner:

cavatappi pasta with a homemade cheddar sauce (basically mac&cheese but my kids don't love the box kind and I never keep it at home).  We had just gotten back from the reunion and no one really wanted to eat much.  We ate fresh fruit and veggies on the side.

Tacos with spanish rice and corn, peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies for FHE dessert - so GOOD!

We ate at our best friend's house so we had Cafe Rio with cilantro lime rice and all the fixings and crepes with whipped cream and fresh fruit for dessert.  DELISH!!!

waffles or pancakes with eggs and bacon, cantaloupe and strawberries - Dallin is out of town and we are on our own

homemade pizza (with this sauce), caesar salad and fruit - we are having pizza and a movie night

The kids are going to my inlaws so we can go to the Temple and meet our friends for dinner at Bonterra Trattoria

Dallin is leaving for a course for a week so it will just be the kids and I again, we may do sandwiches and home fries and salad or whatever else we feel like.

What do you eat in the summer?  What is your best tip for making summer meals that are easy and still yummy?  I will share some of my favourite summer meals soon :)

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  1. Eating in the summer is a pain in the butt. We just play the day away and then all of a sudden it is bedtime and we haven't eaten dinner yet. The other day I actually put some pork with chipotle peppers in adobo sauce in the crock pot before we went out. It was fabulous coming home to dinner almost ready to go. WHY can't I make myself do that every day!!