Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 75

Happy Easter all.  Hoping that you had the opportunity to bask in the renewal of spring, the sunshine and warm weather, the budding plants and bulbs poking out.  Gathering time and long afternoons spent with extended family.  Most of all, I hope you got the opportunity to think and ponder on the sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ and his glorious resurrection.  The "Good News" of the gospel that tells us that he lives again.  I hope you all had that.
We took the kids to Banff for 2 days at the end of last week.  We had an amazing time going to Lake Louise and playing in the snow, having snowball fights, walking the trails and just being outside.  The kids climbed and ran, ate snow and marvelled at the mountains.  It was heavenly. We took them to the hotsprings and soaked our weary bodies in the hot water.  We took them back to the hotel where they all slept in a sweaty pile, all in one room.  They all woke early and giggled and talked while we listened from the other room.  We went to the Banff Springs Hotel, aka Hogwarts, for the kids to walk around and marvel at the "castle".  We roamed Banff Ave and shopped in all of the souvenir ships, laughing at t-shirts and examining trinkets.  We got treats at the candy shoppe, caramel apples at the Fudgery, sampled a Beavertail and everyone got to take home a special momento.  Overall, it was fabulous!
This week the kids are on Spring Break.  I know that it is late but we also had a week off in February - apparently their school thinks we need more time off during the year so that we can stretch classes all the way until the very end of June.  Yes, that is exactly what we need!
I am about to embark on painting Emma's room - wish me luck, I may never come out!

This week for dinner:

Easter Dinner at my fabulous inlaws - turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter salad, green bean casserole, corn and buns

Something easy as I am painting.  Not sure what yet - maybe some pasta or Chicken Caesar Salad or something

Lemon Butter poached shrimp, rice pilaf, asparagus

Lemon Dill chicken, roasted potatoes, peas and glazed carrots

Maple soy salmon, rice, zucchini, salad

Depends on if Dallin and I are going out or not.  If not we will have big rock burgers with raw veggies and chips on the side

Dallin will be out with his Dad for General Priesthood session and Chinese food so the kids and I will get to hang out, maybe make pizza or whatever and watch a movie ....

What do you eat when you are in a hurry?  Our go-tos are always some sort of pasta with a quick  alfredo sauce or some kind of taco/quesadilla.  I need ideas!!!

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  1. My friend Michelle sent me a link to one of your sandwiches...chicken and brie and fig...becasue she knows how much I love this sandwich at Earls. Gonna try your version. I'm also going to follow along because I always need ideas for dinner. So thanks.