Thursday, March 28, 2013

Week 74

Kids playing twister on a playdate - is there anything more fun and quintessentially "girlie"?

Okay guys, so I gotta apologize.  I hate feeling like I have to pass a test to post a comment and I didn't want to deter any comments on here so I took the filter off.  Apparently when I took off the filter for my comments here, it welcomed all kinds of nasty to come out of the woodwork.  So, I am going to try to get the filter back on ASAP.
In other news, all 3 kids got back report cards and are doing incredibly well.  I am one proud mamma of such smart little ones.  Jack, who is only in Kindergarten, is reading well above grade level and is well on his way to becoming a boy genius, just like his dad and Grandpas.  How do I make sure this continues?!?  I always want him to know how wonderful it is to do well in school and that he can go anywhere with the right education!  My girls are smart but for some reason it is usually okay with girls to do well in school and they are never embarrassed by it and can still be the same as they always are and do well in school.  Boys on the other hand .......
The kids start spring break today.  I am thrilled to have a week off with them and do fun stuff.  We are going to be painting Emma's room, haircuts for everyone, probably enjoy the nice spring-ish weather.  We are not arizona where they were having waterfights on their spring break a few weeks ago because it was 90F but still, I will take what I can get :)
Today we are taking the kids to Banff for 2 days.  We have rented a hotel and are going to go hiking and shopping and swimming in the hot springs and sight-seeing and eating out and I am so excited!!!

This week for dinner:

Leftovers - Dallin brought home a bunch of smoked pork roast from All You Can Meat so we ate that with some creamy parmesan polenta and green beans and spinach salad

Penne with a spicy rosé sauce (just a homemade spicy marinara that I added some cream to at the end) and salad

Hawaiian chicken thighs, coconut rice, glazed zucchini

BBQ pulled beef on homemade buns with sour cream onions, baked potato salad, green salad with veggies and toffee chip cookies (I took dinner to a sweet friend who just had her 6th baby - she is amazing!)

We will be in Banff with the kids so eating out

We will see what we end up doing - we will either eat out if we are still in Banff or find something easy at home if we get home early enough

We have book club so something simple - maybe tacos or sou and sandwiches or something

What are you guys eating this week?  What have been your favourite new recipes lately?  We made a Banana Bread Steel Cut Oats with coconut in it that is super yummy and bonus because you make it in the crockpot overnight!  Recipe to come .....

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