Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Week 69

Emma attempting to eat the spaghetti topped with candy & maple syrup at the "Elf" party we had with friends

Happy, happy ... wednesday but let's not get picky. I am doing 2 weeks in a row and that is saying something!  As for what has been happening this week, let's think back and see ....
*Dallin started school again for his new semester last week
* We went for a date night and tried a yummy new sushi restaurant and saw an awesome movie - so suspenseful and gripping!
* Celebrated my dad's 59th birthday with lots of family
* Made my first red velvet cake for said party and impressed even myself with it - white chocolate cream cheese frosting?  Yes, please!
* Working on plans for something big that does not happen for a whole year which both excites me and freaks me out entirely!

This week for dinner ....

Impromptu dinner at my parents - we went to drop something off that we had forgotten the night before and stayed and ate leftovers and hung out

Spicy Honey boneless skinless chicken thighs with dijon garlic roasted baby potatoes, broccoli with cheese sauce and spinach salad

Maple Soy Ginger glazed salmon with brown rice, zucchini and bell pepper stir fry and spinach salad with feta, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers (it was similar to this recipe but I added 1 T fresh grated ginger, upped the soy sauce to 2 T and used 2 garlic cloves.  I also baked in a foil packet and then opened it and broiled at the end - kids GOBBLED it up!)

homemade brown bread and mushroom soup, pears and cukes on the side

Dallin is in charge if dinner - I am going for a GNO with some friends for Indian :)  Jack has requested pancakes and bacon

Homemade pizza with fresh veggies on the side - pepperoni and cheese for the kids and probably fig, prosciutto and arugula on one and pesto, caramelized onion, artichoke and sundried tomato on the other for D & I.

We have bookclub so something easy for the kids like homemade mac & cheese or alfredo pasta for them

What are you cooking this week?  WHat have you eaten lately that you can't stop thinking about?  Anything you are dying to make?  I want to try making french bread - I know it is probably so easy but I just never do it!


  1. Wish I was there for book club! Miss you guys!

  2. i love that you post your menus each week!! i plan out my menus every week as well. i made a really tasty potato soup a few weeks ago that you may like!!! it is on my blog!

    new follower :)