Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week 64

Sophia at Bar U Ranch for a field trip

Okay so I am a terrible bloggy friend.  I kept thinking, okay tomorrow I will post, okay tomorrow I will post .... tomorrow.  Now it is 3 weeks later and I have been neglecting you.  How horrible of me.  I would say that I won't do it again but who are we kidding?  I am still a busy mom of 4 with a husband doing a masters and a house to run!
As for the rest of it, Halloween, quite possibly my favourite holiday (besides Christmas but it really is a close race), came and went.  Honestly folks, it was great but there was SO MUCH SNOW and it was SO DANG COLD that we were limited in our trick or treating and our celebrating.  My little Harry Potter characters were so cute though and they had so much fun running from house to house and did not want to stop, despite the cold.
We jumped into November and the cold and snow has stayed.  They have built a snow fort in the back yard and drank gallons of hot chocolate.  We are in for a L-O-N-G winter .....
This week we have been housebound to make matters worse since our van's brakes are shot and I am afraid to drive until they get fixed!

This week for dinner:

Ricotta and spinach stuffed chicken breasts with a lemon sherry cream sauce, rice, zucchini and spinach salad

Moroccan chicken over quinoa, buttered peas and a tomato cucumber salad

steak fajitas with red and orange peppers and red onions, guac and chips, southwest quinoa salad and corn

rotini with a pesto cream sauce, spinach salad and fresh veggies and fruit

Orange BBQ pork chops, parmesan garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli with cheese sauce

I have to take dinner to a family who had an accident so butter chicken over brown rice, green beans, salad and some sort of banana cake or dessert since I have SO many bananas sitting in my fruit bowl right now!  I am going out with friends after to see the new Twilight movie :P

Not too sure, maybe black bean burritos or homemade pizza.  Emma has a party to go to that night, a lateover, so we are homebound so no date night this weekend

What are you cooking this week?  Any new favourite recipes?  What are you doing this weekend?  Any of you going to see Twilight?  I would probably not have gone opening night if it wasn't for a mixup and a friend's birthday but I am happy for a night out after the week I have had!!!

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  1. Your menu looks so good. Can I PLEASE eat at your house every night??

    I am going to Twilight this weekend. Not because I want to but because my friends are going and I don't want to miss out!