Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week 40

(This is what you get when you leave two 2 yr olds in the basement for 10 minutes, that is actually an entire flat of eggs broken on the stairs and carpet)

I made the decision to just go with this number as I have had so many on again, off again weeks but I just was so excited to see this number.  We are getting so close to one year folks.  Who would have guessed that I could keep it up for this long?  I never stick to things so this is exciting for me :)
This week has been busy and good and crazy and hard.  I won't get into specifics but Primary (my church assignment) has been tough but family stuff has been fun and we had some good chances to smell the roses this week, which was nice.
I am very sore from exercising.  I know that is a good thing but I am always shocked at how sore I can be.  It is like I have been in a car accident or something, every muscle hurts and just coughing will make me cringe!  I am hoping that one day soon I don't hurt as badly.  It has only been 3 weeks so we will see how much it changes over time.  Wish me luck!
We did good on our menu last week, only Thursday and Friday were changed.  For food this week ....

Dinner at my wonderful Inlaws: roast beef, mashed potatoes, broccoli with cheese sauce, glazed carrots, yorkshire pudding and spinach mandarin salad with peach crumble for dessert.  So divine!

BBQ shredded beef sandwiches on homemade buns, roasted sweet potato wedges and fresh veggies

We are going to do Jack's birthday dinner since Dallin will miss Wednesday.  We are going to have General Tao chicken drumsticks, roasted baby potatoes with sour cream, fresh green beans, caesar salad and chocolate cake (one of his favourite meals).

Corn chowder and biscuits - Jack's absolute favourite, this is his actual birthday - some cupcakes for dessert

Dallin and I are going out to dinner so something easy for the kids, maybe leftover soup

spaghetti, garlic parmesan pullaparts and green salad

probably just something simple as this is usually a crazy day - paninis or quesadillas or something

What are you cooking this week?  Share your menus with me and all the others who read this (which admittedly is not many :P)  We could all use the ideas!!!

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  1. Oh Tami, that picture of the eggs! I can almost hear you saying LYDIA!!!
    What a terrible mess that would have been to clean up not to mention the waste of food and money.
    Happy birthday Mr. Jack. Hope it's a good one!