Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Best Chicken Sandwich Around

Also known as Fig and Caramelized Apple Chicken Sandwich.  Deliciousness is an understatement!  Years back we had this sandwich at a restaurant which I will not name (cough ... Earl's) and it was so good.  We could not get over the sweet and salty combination plus the creaminess of the cheese and the figs, oh the figs!  
One thing led to another and one Saturday night a few weeks later we came up with our own version.  Not that it is perfect, it isn't, but it makes a great late-ish Saturday night dinner or fun weekend food.  If you are really brave you can feed it to your kids but we keep this as a grown-up meal around these parts.

Fig and Caramelized Apple Chicken Sandwich
adapted from Earl's Restaurant

2 large buns/rolls - any kind you like but I used the focaccia triangles from Costco
1 roasted chicken or 1 large grilled chicken breast
a few Tbsp of fig spread
1 apple, cored and sliced into semi-thin wedges (you can leave the skin on)
garlic mayo or if you don't have it regular mayo but NOT the sacrilegious Miracle Whip or I will hunt you down and beat you with a wet noodle
a few handfuls of baby spinach
brie cheese (or any other creamy white cheese like havarti which is what I used above because it was all I had and it was late on a Saturday night and I wanted this sandwich - sue me)

Honestly the best thing to make this sandwich with is a roasted chicken - you know the ones you buy at Costco or Safeway and you cannot stop picking at?  Those ones.  If you do not have one and cannot get one, just cook up a chicken breast or two but I am telling you now, it will not be as good.  Pull that chicken apart and use what you need and put the rest in the fridge to make an easy supper casserole the next day.  See?  Two meals in one!
Next get a skillet and melt some butter in it over medium-low heat.  Lay the apples in a single layer and cook until golden and soft and yummy, turning often.  Split and toast your buns.  Spread the top half with garlic mayo and the bottom half with a generous portion of fig spread.  I use this:

It is thick and sweet and figgy and full of delicious little seeds.  So good!  You can pick it up at finer grocery stores in the deli and cheese section - for those of you who are local, fine does not include the Banana Store!  Don't look there, they don't have it.  Spread it thick enough to taste but not so thick you would see teeth marks in it.  Make sense?  No?  Moving on.
Layer some apples on the fig spread and then a layer of chicken on top.  Lay slices of brie cheese (or the havarti if you are like me.  Don't be like me.) and a pile of spinach.  Replace top bun.  Marvel at the wonder that is chicken sandwiches and why you have never eaten this before.

Now go forth and eat, my friends.

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  1. cute Tami, I loved this post. You are very funny. I've made this sandwich too and love it. It is so yummy! I get the teeth marks comment. That is how I have to cut cheese for Woody's sandwich, I like the cheese thick enough for teeth marks, him? not so much! Love you! and I'll let you know about thanksgiving...wouldn't that be fun? I hope it works out!