Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 18

Okay everyone.  We are now looking back at summer from autumn.  I am sad that our hot weather is gone now - it was so nice to have summer in September.  I, of course, decided what better way to enjoy it then to paint my daughters' room?  Perfect, right?  No?  Oh.  I am glad it is done though and I love the color.  Photos to come once I have finished the room a little more - I need to decorate it :)
As for menu this week:

Roasted chicken, parmesan smashed potatoes, honey glazed garden carrots, roasted beets (also from our garden), salad with blackberries, feta and candied pecans and the most delicious peanut butter cup brownies from our neighbor ..... maybe I can see if she would share the recipe for all of you!

Creamy curried chicken (made with leftovers), brown rice, steamed broccoli, spinach mandarin almond salad

orange BBQ pork tenderloin with creamy polenta, glazed green beans, steamed beets

sloppy joes with homemade buns, oven fries and dilled carrots

italian cream chicken over noodles with green beans and spinach salad with tomatoes, feta and cucumbers

dinner out for our anniversary at either Belgo or Teatro .... I will let Dallin decide ... and then we will go to bookclub to eat more treats!  :)

I have a church meeting so I will probably just grab a sandwich on my way out and Dallin will feed the kids whatever he wants

What are you making this week?

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