Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Homemade Granola

I need to start out by saying that I love granola.  Love, love, love.  I used to buy it all the time but just hated paying the ridiculous price for it and have made it my goal to make as much of our food as I can.  Hence the need for this recipe.  I was perusing some sites, looking at recipes and methods and noticed they were all similar and it was all about what you like in it.  This can be tweaked a MILLION ways to make a different flavor combination each time.  I prefer my granola crunchy with nuts but no dried fruit, but you can certainly add some dried cranberries, cherries, apricots or raisins if that is your thing.
Try making a batch of this crunchy cinnamon-y granola soon.  You can mix it with yogurt (my favorite way to eat it) or use it in a fruit and yogurt parfait or just with some cold milk and a spoon.

Cinnamon Almond Granola

4 c oats (rolled oats or regular oats but not quick cooking)
1/2 c wheat germ
1/2 c shredded coconut
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp salt
3/4-1 c sliced almonds (depending on how nutty you like it)
2-3 tbsp sesame seeds
1/4 c canola oil
1/2 c honey
1/2 c packed light brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla

Preheat oven to 325F.  Line 2 baking sheets with either parchment paper or silicone baking mats.  
In a large bowl, mix oats, wheat germ, coconut, almonds, sesame seeds, cinnamon and salt.
In another bowl or measuring cup, mix oil, honey, brown sugar and vanilla.  It will be thick but just blend it with a whisk until smooth.  
Pour half the liquid over the oats and mix with rubber scraper or just get dirty and use your hands (but don't use your dirty hands!).  Add remaining liquid and mix until coated.  If you like it all clumpy you can squish bits together (I like a few clumps).  Spread half on one sheet and the rest on the second sheet.
Put in the oven for 10 minutes, one on the bottom rack and one on the top.  Remove and stir granola and place back in oven on opposite racks (to make sure they each get even cooking) and repeat after another 10 minutes (remove, stir and move to opposite racks again).  Bake an additional 5 minutes or until golden brown (that is approximately 25 minutes total since that was clear as mud).  Cool on pans and move to an airtight container or package nicely and give away as delicious gifts!

PS - This can be halved to make just one pan of it since it makes quite a bit!

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  1. I am soo going to make this! Dave and I absolutely love Granola - and I especially love it with yogurt and fruit! MMMMmmmm:)