Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day - a love letter

Dear Dallin,

How can I thank you for being the Father to our children?  For being the father that grabs the kids and takes them on the trampoline and bounces them until they are all out of breath and collapse.  Who willingly straps them all in the car for a morning of errands so I can have a break?  Who nurses them back to health when they are sick and stays up in the night with them when only Daddy's presence will do?  How can I thank you for being the good example to them that you are?  Who works so hard for our family and eagerly comes home as early as possible every night to be with us?  Who takes Jack golfing and the girls for slurpees?  Who buys the children treats every time they ask because you just can't resist?  How can I say that it means everything to me that you wanted a family?  That you have made my dreams of being a mother a reality and you support those dreams every day?  How can you know how much I appreciate when you help with the dishes and take out the garbage?  When you offer to do bedtime or when you suggest a family bike ride?  How will I ever tell you how much we love you and how no one else could do what you do?  You are an amazing father, teacher, friend and love.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Your family

Ps - I also think you are hot but that is not from the kids :)


  1. Cute. I love that picture.

  2. Can I copy and paste that post? I love it so much Tami. You said everything so well. You are the perfect girl for Dally, I'm so glad he married you.

  3. That was soo sweet Tam! I love it, as I'm sure Dallin loved it. It made me tear up a little...not gonna lie...although that may not be saying much!