Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 9

Man, am I behind!  We had sick kids all weekend and with Father's Day in there, it just piled up!  I have barely been able to get on the computer at all this week.  Lydia, Jack AND Sophia are all sick with fevers, coughing and possibly pink eye, plus some ear infections and goopiness for good measure.  Isn't this what summer is all about?  No?  Oh, well this is what we get.  It stinks as we finally have some nice days here and can barely enjoy it because 3/4 of the kids are sick and we are all so tired and gunky that we cannot leave the house!
As for a menu, I think it will remain to be seen with all this sickness floating around:

Dinner at my inlaws - Ham, funeral potatoes (have I mentioned my feelings on those yet?), roasted vegetables, a watermelon, sugar snap pea, feta, blackberry and mint salad (it was SO good!) and a mixed greens, pomegranate, feta and carmelized pecan salad (another good one)

BBQ steak with grilled portabello mushrooms, zucchini skewers, roasted cippolini onions, and mashed potatoes

It will depend on if Dallin is coming home for dinner.  If yes, maybe some Chicken a la King, if not, pasta

Dijon Apple pork chops (I think we planned these last week but never had them - sick kids!), oven roast potatoes, mixed peppers, onions and other veggies in a foil pack and a tomato, bocconcini and basil salad

chicken souvlaki pitas with tzatziki, rice pilaf with oregano and greek salad with kalamata olives and feta

Dinner out with friends (we think?) and maybe going to see Super 8

grilled quesadillas or black bean burritos with guacamole and fruit

Your turn - what are you eating )or have you eaten) this week?  I need some help here people!!!

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  1. I would tell you what we are going to be eating this week . . . if I knew. It is an hour until dinner time and I still haven't decided. Yesterday we had a curry red lentil stew that was really good. All the kids and Danny loved it.
    By the way, we saw Super 8. It was fun and really well done. You'll like it.