Sunday, April 17, 2011

Train Wreck

This week's dinners I mean! We were good up until Thursday and then it all fell apart. I had totally forgotten that I had an Enrichment dinner Thursday night so instead of making a big dinner for the kids I made pancakes instead and then Friday Emma and I had a Stake Activity Days ... activity (is there another word for that - what a weird name!) so the Mr. took the littles out for burgers at the dreaded yellow arches. Emma was too high brow for that and asked that we go somewhere else so she and I enjoyed a nice dinner at one of my fave local places.
Last night we indeed got home late from the Temple so it was simple dinners again all around. Tonight is dinner at the inlaws so again no cooking at home! What a week.
I also missed the boat on posting a recipe so I may just include one of our favorite muffins and do a write up next week. I will get the hang of this idea soon ......
Until then, we are sitting here in the snow, AGAIN (seriously, April. Just in case someone forgot ....).
Happy Sunday all!

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