Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday, Monday

Okay so I have already related that I was not so on top of things last week. At ALL. It is a new week now (seriously, did it feel short to anyone else?) and we have a new week's worth of dinners

Sunday: dinner at the inlaws. Ham, funeral potatoes, spinach salad, asparagus and jello salad. Is there anything that says Mormon family dinner more than that? I won't go into my feelings on funeral potatoes at this point ..... maybe someday.

Monday: Chipotle rubbed Salmon with mango salsa, roasted potatoes and steamed sugar snap peas, salad of some kind

Tuesday: sesame chicken with brown rice, green beans

Wednesday: Bacon wrapped glazed meatloaf (I am trying a new recipe) with mashed potatoes (is there anything else you can serve with meatloaf?) and broccoli with cheese sauce. This is Emma's favourite meal, hands down.

Thursday: Going to retry the Tarragon chicken vol au vents. Probably some zucchini or asparagus and a yummy salad like orange spinach almond salad

Friday: Shrimp and Veggie stirfry over noodles and potstickers

Saturday: Day off of cooking - who knows what we will do :P

I am always excited at the beginning of the week for the meals ahead but we will see how long that excitement lasts. Stay tuned for the first of our recipes .... who knows what it will be?!?

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  1. Wow what a menu! Can I come live at your house? You have one lucky family.