Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chipotle Rubbed Salmon with Mango Salsa

First off I have to say I am NOT a photographer. Like, at ALL. Not even a LITTLE bit. I have no idea about aperture or focal length or lighting or any of that. So these are not the beautiful fancied up pictures you will see on some other blogs. These are in my kitchen and this is our real dinner.

Now on to the recipe for Chipotle Rubbed Salmon with Mango Salsa .....

Doesn't that just sound complicated? Well, I will tell you a secret ... it is so simple! This is the easiest recipe around and it is SO delicious. I mean, over the top good! You can adjust the spicy-ness to your taste (and kids' tastes if they are wimps like mine). You can make the salsa as is or use whatever fruit you have on hand - it is great with pineapple and I would imagine it would be good with kiwi or strawberries.
This is great done in the oven but can also be done on the BBQ during the warmer summer months. It really is versatile and feeds a crowd :)

Chipotle Rubbed Salmon with Mango Salsa
adapted from Dinner with Julie recipe

1 salmon filet (approx 2-3 lbs or 1kg)
2-3 tsp chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (just spoon out a bit of the sauce and chop a bit if the peppers and add it in and stir it around)
1 tbsp sugar
2-3 tsp olive oil
1 tsp kosher salt
2 tsp oregano
zest of 1 lime and juice of half lime
1-2 cloves of garlic crushed (approx 1/2-1 tsp)
ground pepper

Just a note about chipotle peppers before we begin. Lots of people are afraid of them but really they are so easy to use. They have a great smoky flavor that adds good spice and taste to lots of recipes. Whenever I open a can I use what I need and throw the rest into a small freezer bag and just freeze it until I need it again. I pull it out of the freezer and just chop off what I need and throw it back in. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Okay, so onto the instructions. Mix all "schmear" ingredients together and schmear on salmon filet (schmear is a word, right?)

Place on foil lined baking sheet that has been sprayed with non stick spray, unless you want a sticky salmon foil mess at the end. Bake at 400 F for about 15 minutes or until salmon flakes easily but is not drying out. Just stick your fork into the thickest part and try to pull and see if it flakes.

Mango salsa:
1 ripe mango, diced
zest and juice of one lime
1/4 c diced red bell pepper
2 tbsp minced red onion
1-2 tsp minced fresh jalapeno pepper (can remove seeds and membrane to make it less spicy)
2 tsp honey
kosher salt
2 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro

Cut mango flesh from around pit and removed skin. Dice into small dice but large enough to have some bite. Cut peppers about half the size of mango and red onion about half again. Mince jalapeno into tiny dice unless you want large pieces in your mouth! Mix all ingredients together and let it sit to get nice and happy together. The flavors need to come together a bit so if you can do this a few hours ahead that is even better. If not, it will be fine but better if it can sit in the fridge and get to know each other better.

Serve the salmon with a huge scoop of mango salsa on the side. Take a bite and enjoy the simple bliss ......


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  2. mmmm ...I love Mango salsa, and I love quick and easy recipes!!!