Friday, March 11, 2011

Good and Bad

Okay so since I have not been able to stay on top of this thing, I will just update through random thoughts ...

First and foremost, I am am Auntie again and I could NOT be more excited! I cannot WAIT to see this little man and hold and snuggle and smell him.
Unfortunately he is 7 hours away but I am plotting and planning and trying to figure out how I can see him sooner than later!

Thinking about that last point makes me realize I am having a little bit of baby fever. This happens every time my little ones become independent toddlers and not babies at all anymore. We have reached this stage yet again and my uterus skips a beat every time I see a new baby. On the other side of the coin, all of my body parts CRINGE when I see a pregnant lady and imagine it to be me. That is how I know I don't actually want to do it again right now.

I am slightly burnt today. Burnt, you ask? Yes, I went tanning two days in a row and thought I could handle more time than they recommended so now I am a tad red and itchy. Not sore but definitely dry.
On the other side of THAT coin, I am excited about our trip that is only 7 weeks away!!!

Both of my little munchkins are sick right now. It started with Jack who developed a fever and a rash and now it has spread to both mini munchkins. The big girls have yet to show signs but we have plenty of contagions around to help it along ....
On the other hand, we have had lots of snuggle time and movies and naps and staying in our PJ's and I love every minute of that!

My little boy turned 4 this week. He is smart, handsome, fun, hilarious, energetic (when he is healthy), sweet, adorable and mine. He is also growing up and does not need his mommy as much anymore. It is sad and makes me want to shrink him back down to the chubby 6 month old with the roley poley legs and giant cheekies. I can't do that so I will just enjoy him as he is. But I still want to squeeze those thighs .....

Dallin accepted a new job last week. He is completely changing fields and job types and basically everything he knows for something new. I am so excited about his future there and how well I KNOW he will do. I am excited about the LACK of travelling and how it means he will have normal hours of working and home.
I am also mourning the loss of his Wednesdays which he works from home which meant we could go to the Temple on Wednesdays and also meant I could volunteer at the school Wednesday afternoons. It is all for the better and I know the change will be good but some things are hard to let go of.

I have begun working out again, finally. After I have my babies, it takes me a long time to feel like I can get back to normal functioning and with each baby it has taken me longer and longer. I am loving working out and feel good and strong again. I have lost a few pounds as a result, which is always nice, too!
Due to this fact, I have begun to pay attention to my weight, which I HATE. I hate weighing myself. I hate worrying about what I am eating. I hate thinking about whether or not I should have something or whether I need to work out again. I hate the cycle and the up and downs that go with it. I am trying to find a balance between the two.

I love cheese - there is no bad that goes with this one, unless you count the thought above. It is not kind to my waistline. I still love cheese. The end.


  1. Tami you are so cute! I have a comment for every paragraph is that ok?
    I want you to come see this little dude, you are welcome any time!
    7 weeks until paradise? I am so excited for you guys!!!
    I can't believe Jack is 4 already. I remember that chubby lil' 6 month old too. He still has the same smile though!
    Boo for sick kids. Hope they get better soon.
    New job? Where? Tell me more :)
    I bet you can tell that you are working out. You drop weight like no body's business! I bet you look fantastic and you'll have skinny little legs and a flat tummy for your trip. It's worth it!
    Cheese is worth it too!
    Love you, thanks for updating!

  2. I like these kind of posts - my mind works the same - just random thoughts all into one! Happy Bday Jack! I have to admitt that i too have baby fever when someone close to me just had a baby...cough cough Laura! Especially when they are soo darn cute...cough Laura cough....
    I would love to start working out, but there's just no way and no time right now. Someday...
    Enjoy these semi independent toddler days, and I wish Dallin all the best - even though he doesn't need it. Change is always good, just not always easy.
    Wow, I wrote a novel as well:)

  3. PS Lydia is ADORABLE!!!