Monday, January 10, 2011


A few things I have learned about sick over the past few months:

Sick is an uninvited guest
Sick always overstays its welcome
Sick usually brings along its friend Tired
Having Sick come when you have children is not easy
Sick causes guilt and creates blame
Sick can cause fights, and it usually isn't even Sick's fault
People use Sick as a scapegoat
Sick is inevitable
Sick is not prejudiced, it comes to us all
Sick brings out the worst in most
Sick knows how to mutate
Sick is unwelcome

If anyone has had Sick come to visit and has learned how to oust this leech visitor, we would love to know! Until then, Sick has taken up permanent residence in our basement and is unlikely to leave anytime soon .....


  1. booo! I hate sick too. Hope you get feeling well soon.

  2. That stinks - lots of rest helps, but I think rest is not around in your house! Get better:)