Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Recap

We had another fantastic Christmas. Having both families close by makes it busy but also makes it so wonderful. The girls and I had our annual trip to the Nutcracker, which was so great and we added a few to our numbers with Baba and SuperBaba coming along.
Dallin and I got to do our annual sleepover and movie marathon with Laura. This year we chose the Bourne Trilogy and pigged out on treats during the first two movies. We started to get tired so we all drank a Coke to stay awake. Dallin and Laura immediately fell asleep (Laura with her Coke still in her hands) and I was wide awake, wired and ready for the third movie! I tried to clean everything up, turn off the movie and go to bed but just as I finished they both woke up and we ended up chatting for 3 more hours! 4:30am is WAY too late for this old lady to go to bed!
On that note, Christmas would not be Christmas if I was not sick! I had a whopper of a chest cold from about the week before Christmas until New Years and two days later got a massive head and sinus cold :( I am still battling that one ....

We had our traditional Christmas Eve feast and party at Doneys'. We missed Scott and Laura (his girlfriend) but were so happy to have all the cousins together. We had fun with the pajama parade, adult gift exchange, and new this year the cousin gift exchange. So FUN!

Christmas morning we all slept in (so NICE!) and then leisurely opened our gifts. The kids were spoiled as usual - Santa is always very kind to our house! Dallin and I got a wonderful gift - a trip to the Dominican Republic this spring :) I cannot wait! We had our traditional Christmas Morning breakfast of Eggs Benedict, fruit, juice, and overnight cinnamon buns. We spent the morning playing with the toys and just hanging out, cleaning up the wrappings and enjoying our time.

In the afternoon we all went to Evans' and spent Christmas day with them. We had a delicious dinner prepared by my mom and grandmother and just enjoyed some time together.

We got to have some fun cousin time at the Leisure Center, and an Adult Games night, which is always so great. It is such a different experience when it is just the siblings and their spouses and we are not all running around after our kids!
It was so nice to have Dallin home for two whole weeks of hanging out, sledding, skating and family time. We really love having him home with us!
Now that Christmas is over and all cleaned up, it seems like it was over too soon. Then again, there is always next year!


  1. great pictures Tami. Lydia looks so cute- always smiling so big!
    You wrapped up the crazy that was Christmas very nicely. It was so fun to see you guys.

  2. All the kids look soo cute! Gotta love being all at home together...believe it or not, that's something that we are getting a little bored of at our place!