Thursday, December 16, 2010

Early Christmas and Other Horror Stories .....

I am devastated. Today was such a good day. I was on a role and cleaning up a storm. I got all the bedrooms cleaned. I cleaned the playroom. I vacuumed the main floor and cleaned the kitchen. I was just vacuuming the upstairs while the kids played around me. They did puzzles, looked at books, in and out of the various rooms chasing each other and me. I had no idea what was waiting for me.
After lunch I put Lydia down for her nap and then went to my room to change. As I walked into the bathroom I saw two things, a pair of scissors and my straightening iron. I did not even make the connection and put the scissors away. As I picked up the iron to put it on the counter, something caught my eye. Something was still on the tile floor. I looked down - the cord. How is that possible? With horror I realized it was no longer connected to the iron. As I went to pick it up I understand the whole picture. The cord has been cut into 6 pieces, all along it's length. The scissors. Understanding dawns on me and I am just sick to my stomach. My most recent birthday gift, the thing I could not afford for myself which was given to me by my mother, is no longer usable. My Chi straightener is garbage, completely and utterly wasted. I go and ask Jack if he did it. I am still somehow hoping that this is not really happening. I see in his eyes that he is wondering what he has done. He looks slightly guilty but more confused than anything. Why was this long plastic cord anything of value?
So now, with my Chi fully destroyed, I now know what my Christmas gift is. I am not mad at Jack - it is not his fault that there were scissors on the counter or that I left my Chi out. He had no idea what that cord did. We have had a lengthy talk about not cutting ANYTHING and now I just have to face the worst part of it all ...... telling Dallin!


  1. what a sick feeling! glad it all worked out!

  2. That stinks! and such a mix of emotions - you want to cry, be upset with the culprit but also gentle as he's only a child, and then fear of what hubby will say!
    Sorry Tam!