Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Four Things

Tag, I'm it. I have been tagged in this blog game. Really, it is just a jumping off point for me. And I will go along with it anyway ....

4 shows I watch:

  1. 1.Modern Family

  2. 2.Glee (I feel the same way as Laura - it is getting so lame and I am ready to be done)

  3. 3.What Not To Wear

    4. Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

4 things I’m passionate about:


  2. 2.the gospel

  3. husband

  4. kids

4 phrases I say a lot:

  1. 1. "I am going to countdown from 5 - 5, 4, 3 ....."

  2. 2.“I love you”

  3. 3. "Use your manners"

    4. "Do you need a time-out?"

4 things I have learned from the past:

  1. 1.that you can't change it and no amount of complaining helps

  2. 2.I can always do better than was done for me

  3. 3. that friends are valuable but family is priceless

  4. 4.that kids are more forgiving than we deserve

4 places I’d like to go:

  1. 1.the Caribbean (oh wait - I AM going there this spring!!!)

  2. 2.New York at Christmastime with my kids (love it!)

  3. 3.Nova Scotia to see my Nana and aunts, uncles and cousins

    4. Paris with Dallin - hopefully someday soon

4 things I did yesterday:

  1. 1.did a lot of laundry

  2. 2. went to an ornament exchange and at a LOT of yummy food!

  3. 3. Did a Secret Sister exchange and service with the activity day girls

  4. 4. Went to bed WAY too late

4 things I look forward to:

  1. 1. Christmas holidays - tomorrow is the last day of school and Friday is Dallin's last day of work - yay!

  2. 2.Christmas festivities - I love all the traditions and the family

  3. 3.finishing our basement

  4. 4. Our trip to the Dominican!

4 things I love about winter:

  1. 1. Rosy cheeks and kids wearing snowsuits - so stinking cute!

  2. 2.sledding on a warm-ish day

  3. 3.Not having to do my hair every time I go out since I can just put on a hat!

  4. 4. Hot Chocolate

4 things on my wish list:

  1. utensils

  2. 2.a food processor (which I just got for my Bosch)

  3. church skirts

  4., specifically tall black leather boots!

4 people I tag:

  1. 1. Kamille

  2. 2.?????

  3. 3. ??????

  4. 4. ?????

    Honestly, I do not know that many people who blog who actually read this one (Except Laura and Jules and they were already tagged!). If you do end up doing this, leave me a comment - I would love to read your answers :)


  1. YAY Tami! The reason I tagged was two-fold. I missed reading your blogs and I knew you'd do it. I didn't know you guys are going on such a fun trip! Are you taking the kiddos too?
    Loved it, all of it!

  2. I guess I better get mine filled out too! I didn't know you guys were going to Dominican either...I have to admit, i am jealous!!!
    I hope you have a blast - enjoy it for me:)