Monday, July 12, 2010

Yeehaw Stampede!

Okay, so I will be the first to admit that I am a dork and I love the Stampede. Every year I HAVE to take the kids and ride all the rides, eat all the food, walk around in the Round Up Center and see all the booths, eat more food, watch some shows - especially the Superdogs - and eat some more food.
Did I mention the food? Disgusting as it may be, there is something so decadent and delicious about all the deep fried, sugar laden, fattening treats that are churned out en masse at the Stampede. Corn dogs, Those Little Donuts (who can resist them, I ask you?), french fries that are so HOT they will burn your tongue before you take a bite, caramel apples and cotton candy (yuck - that one is just for the kids), fudge and funnel cakes ..... it is like junk food heaven! This year we had lemonade slushes that were so good, especially considering it was 30C out.
Usually we go on Kids Day, mainly because it is free to get in and open early and we can be home shortly after lunch, completely drained of energy and money. This year since Dallin is gone to Japan we had to go early, as in the first day. It is amazing the difference it made - there were NO lineups and it was a breeze to manoeuvre around and get on all the rides. We had so much fun and the kids, of course, had a blast. My theory is that it is just once a year and totally worth every penny to see how excited they are and how much fun they have and how they remember it all year and look forward to it the next year.
I hope my kids will remember that we always took them and they will let me come along when they take my grandkids to the Stampede!!!


  1. I love the Stampede! Sad we are missing it this year ...

  2. Oh the Stampede. I'm glad you missed the crowds and I'm glad we miss going every year!

  3. Sounds like a blast! I still have fond memories of going to the stampede with Dad, so I'm sure your little ones will as well!