Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thanks, I think?!?!

True Story:

I am at Sears last week with the kids and we are buying a new pancake griddle for Dallin. We broke our old one and now it is on its last legs so we were thinking it would be a nice surprise. We look at all the ones they have and talk about which one we want to buy and then take it up to the front. The lady behind the counter smiles at me and the kids and rings us through. She says to me, "You are such a nice sister." To which I respond with a bizarre stare, wondering what she knows about me or my brother. She then says, "You know, bringing your sisters and brother to the mall like this ..... these are your siblings, right?!?" I, of course, burst out laughing and proceed to inform her that they are NOT my siblings, they are my CHILDREN. She looks at me like I have just told her that I am an alien about to give her a probe, tells me, "You are MUCH too young to have all these children!" and hands me the bag with a shaky smile and turns and walks away.
I am fairly certain that was NOT a compliment. In fact, I am quite certain she was telling me I was way too young to be having kids, let alone have four of them. It is a common occurance but I decided I would just accept it as a testament to my youthful appearance. I will need to save up those comments for a rainy day in about 20 years!!!!


  1. So funny! You should have showed her your driver's license to prove that you weren't a menace to society :)

  2. Wow! I would take it as a compliment like you said - that means you're looking great!

  3. That is so funny! That is like my young women thinking that I am old, when I definately am not, older people thinking that you are way too young. That is great!