Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jeffery R. Holland is My Hero

Okay so maybe it is wrong but I definitely have my favorites among the apostles. I won't be so callous as to name them off (to the exclusion of others) but I will tell you that Jeffery R Holland is ranked at the top. Every talk he gives, every conference address or BYU seminar, everything I have read or seen of his, makes me a better person. It touches me on a very core level and it speaks to both my mind and my heart. I am not quite sure how he does this or what it is about the words he speaks but regardless, it happens every time.
Getting that out of the way, I will move on. Lately I have been seeking reassurance on my abilities as a mother. I REALLY appreciated this last session of conference as I felt that the apostles and prophets really spoke to parents and gave much in the way of guidance and assurance. I felt uplifted and comforted that I was in the right place doing the right things. I then went through much of the church archives and found a large number of talks about motherhood, families and marriage which have been a great source of strength to me.
Now, the Church Website has this video for their latest installment in the Mormon Messagesseries. It is an excerpt of a talk by Elder Holland entitled Because She is a Mother and the video is called "Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership with God". It is amazing, watch it. It says everything you want to hear if you are a mother, especially one that is struggling with your role and how to be better at it.


  1. What a touching video..I just loved it. I hope yo know Tam, that I look up to you and admire how great of a mother you are. Your kidlets are soo blessed to have you in their life and so am i:)

  2. Can I just say ditto to what Julia said? I learn so much from you everytime I talk to you. You are a great Mom. I copied your post. It is so powerful and beautiful I had to share :)

  3. Awww, thanks you girls! I feel quite humbled as I really think you girls are the best moms I know so it means a lot to hear that from you!