Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well, after living in this community for 5 years we are FINALLY using the lake in the winter and have gone skating a few times. It is so exciting that our kids are finally get old enough to do these things on their own and we can enjoy it with them!
We took the girls and bought them some skates - hockey skates no less. They actually did very well with them and never once complained that they weren't the pretty white skates like I thought they might. They fell A LOT but they got right back up every time. Jack wasn't feeling like skating any of the times we have gone (all of 3) but he is happy to be dragged around the ice in a sled and just to be there with us.
Lydia is so content to sit in the stroller and look around. I think maybe the huge snowsuit is drowning out the sound of her complaints but I will just delude myself into thinking that she really loves it! She just smiles or sucks her soother most of the time and watches Emma and Sophia fall down and get up again. Emma is actually doing really well and can skate around the entire lake loop without the walker-looking apparatus that Sophia clings to for dear life. I say, as long as she is willing to go out, I don't care what she uses!
I am hoping that in the years to come we will have many more opportunities to use the lake in the winter - who knew it would take us this long to figure it out but we are not looking back now!

My frozen little Pot Roast!

Trying to capture the moment!

Jack was so sick the first time we went that he fell asleep going around the lake

Sophia so proud!

Emma was amazing!

Our entourage

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  1. so cute. I love Jack sleeping, what a trooper!