Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our House

is a very, very, very fine house ....

The den - not too bad but stuff needs to get put away

The back entry with my purse, Dallin's shoes (that he NEVER puts away no matter how much I bug him and there is another pair at the front door - GRRR), a bucket of sugar from food storage, Lydia's carseat and some pants for donation to go to the basement

The closet of shame - why is it that I cannot get a child or adult to put their coat or shoes away properly??? They just throw everything on the floor in there and fling their shoes in even though there is a rack just for them!

Library books on the floor and a DVD or two

Kitchen sink with my Bosch and pans from making cookies and breakfast bowls plus the pile of clean dishes I washed last night and have not put away yet ....

Jack's bowl still at the table since he was still eating but ran away when I went to take a picture

Playroom full of toys after my VT came yesterday and the kids all played - haven't cleaned it up yet

Jack's room - bed is sort of made and there is medicine on his night stand and puzzles on the table

Notice the letters askew on Lydia's wall - the nails need to be moved to accommodate her name and not Jacks but we haven't gotten around to that yet

The girls room, not too bad at all, although not too sure why Emma's big pillow is on the floor?

Our room - pretty clean surprisingly, but there are two hoodies on Dallin's dresser beside me that you can't see

But we're happy and we're loved, and that's all that matters ......

This post is based on my sister in law's, and since she is cool and I want to be like her (seriously I do, you would too if you knew her!!!!) I decided I would go along with it. Actually the house really isn't as bad as it is many days. Although, I didn't take pictures of the basement. That is another post in it's entirety. An embarrassment through and through and one that I need to tackle asap. Lydia is now napping so I may just go embark on that impossible mission and see if I come out alive!!!


  1. Awesome pictures Tami. Your house is always clean. Seriously, it would take less then 5 minutes to have everything perfect. Except for the nails for Lydia's name, if I was doing that it might take me all day ;)

  2. I feel your pain Tami! I have to resort to cleaning 2 floors away from my kids so they don't find me and decide to "PLAY" with whatever I am cleaning up.
    And to solve my problem with the coats in the front closet, I just hung a couple hooks at kid level inside the closet so they could reach and hang up their own stuff. We are still working on the shoe thing - even though there is a perfectly good shoe rack just WAITING to be used :)

  3. As a post-script I did in fact clean up the basement, sort of. it is no longer insanely embarrassing but only just messy and cluttered - not the bombshell disaster zone it was previously.