Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Love PW

I Ree. Have you met her yet? She is just amazing!
Okay, so maybe I don't actually KNOW her but she is just so wonderful that it FEELS like we are BFFs! Okay, so maybe not THAT close but I do have a serious Blog Crush on her ... is that weird?
If you have not heard of Pioneer Woman aka Ree Drummond, you can find her here. You have been missing out - BIG TIME! I found her blog about a year or so ago and have been addicted ever since. The recipes alone are to DIE FOR and her quirky sense of humor, the stories about her life on the ranch in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma, her photography and homeschooling sections and did I mention the FOOD? You all know that I live and die on recipes and she has a new site called Tasty Kitchen which is like the grand daddy of all good recipe sites. Our Best Bites is a close second.
So go on over and meet Ree if you haven't already. But make sure you have more than a few minutes because you will get lost on that site. Trust me! And make sure you make some of her recipes. I recommend the White Chicken Enchiladas, the cinnamon buns, and the Butter Chicken .... but really you can't go wrong with P-Dub! I am a dork and probably the most gushing fan but she really is that good!


  1. I love her too! I saw her cookbook at Costco the other day - was so tempted to buy it!

  2. I looked at 3 different stores and didn't see it so I will be heading to Costco this week to pick it up!!! Thanks Angela!

  3. I so too have a blog crush on Ree!!! That is the best site I have so much fun trying all her goodies which do contain mainly butter and cream!!! You have to try the Cinnamon Bun Pancakes from Tasty Kitchen- there just are no words... also her Fettucine Alfredo... seriously, seriously!!! Its my love of her that is making ths baby weight stck around longer than I wish it would but everything is sooo darn good!!!