Monday, February 8, 2010

New Years - Resolutions and all that Crap

New Years is such a bizarre time of year to me. Christmas has just ended and everyone is feeling beat down and exhausted. Family time has been in abundance and everyone is feeling like they just want to hide out for a while. Then there is the pressure of doing something "fun" on NYE. You MUST party .... it only happens once a year! I don't care if you are tired or worn out ... just DO it!
THEN comes the whole Resolutions thing. What makes people believe that just because the last digit of the numerical year has changed that anything else has? Not once has it ever changed for me. Never. I am still the same lazy, crazy, stressed out person on January 1st that I was the day before. I never have successful resolution making so I have stopped that. This year I just want things to settle back into some form of routine. I want to feel like I can do all the stuff I need to and then some stuff I want to on top of it. I want to be in shape again but I make no promises and am fully aware that if I stuff my face or eat on the go while running kids around that my body is not going to get any better. Maybe I just need to wait until like February or March and once all of the bruhaha is over re: resolutions, I can really evaluate things and make some changes as necessary or desired.
We did have a *fun* NYE *party* - since we were required to do so. We actually have one every year and they are usually a lot of fun :) Here are some pics from the big event!

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  1. hooray for new posts! I have missed you.
    I like resolutions when I keep them but when I don't I find they are quite annoying!