Monday, February 8, 2010

Movie Marathon

We have started a tradition, 2 whole years of it now, that we just love. Dallin's sister Laura comes and spends the night with her kids and we have a movie marathon. The first year we watched Star Wars, all of the new crappy prequels with Anakin Skywalker as the most annoying character ever acted in the history of movies. We ate too much junk and had a surprise visitor when Dallin's parents stopped by at like 2am!!!
This year we decided to do LOTR - a favorite of Dallin and Laura. I like them and enjoy the movies but not quite like them. We had pizza and let the kids play and then put them all to bed and started the movies. Oh yeah, each one of these babies is 3+ hours long! Right, I had forgotten that little bit of info .....
So, again, too much junk food and not enough sleep later I wussed out halfway through the second. It was late and I had a baby who would be up a few times in the night and kids that would be up early. I was only thinking about my sanity and their lives being at stake if I did not get some sleep! Dallin and Laura not only stayed up but even considered watching the 3rd. Fortunately (unfortunately?) reality took over and they went to bed, at 4am. I am thinking 6:30 am came a little too quickly when Laura's kids were both up for the day but we all made it through .....

Same time again next year, Laura???

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  1. you betcha! That is the best tradition ever, always so much fun!