Monday, February 8, 2010

The Christmas of Family

This Christmas, for the first time in our married lives, we had BOTH of our families here. Not here in our home but here as in within a reasonable traveling distance and not a 4 hour plane ride away. It was an odd and new feeling as we realized we would actually have to divide our time between them. This is unfamiliar territory for us and we needed to take it slow and proceed with caution lest we hurt anyone's feelings. On the one hand, Mom D is used to having us all to herself but on the other, this is Mom E's first Christmas near her grandchildren and her first one away from the home she has known for 15 years. I think we did a fairly good job and can call it a success. We did many small outings with each family leading up to the holiday.

Spent Christmas Eve with Dallin's family and had the traditional feast and pj parade, tonnes of pictures and had so much fun.

Spent Christmas morning at home as a family, a time I cherish and treasure and am not willing to give up to anyone else, reading scriptures, opening gifts and eating Eggs Benedict, our traditional Christmas morning breakfast.

Spent Christmas afternoon and evening plus Boxing Day at my parents, with my grandparents and an uncle. It was new and exciting and fun, especially for the kids.

It was magical to watch my parents spend that special day with their grandkids, to see the excitement and the wonder they have been missing all these years. Dallin had two weeks off work and we got to have a lot of family time, hanging out and working on projects. We did lots of eating and very little cooking! We enjoyed the season and will always remember the Christmas of Family!

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  1. I'm so glad your parents are close! It can be crazy but so worth it.