Tuesday, July 14, 2009


(Prince) reunion
1. a gathering of people who have been apart
2. the act of coming together again

Dallin comes from a big family. A B-I-G family! His mom is one of 10 children. Those 10 children all got married and had 47 children altogether. That means Dallin has 47 cousins ... on one side. About half of those 47 cousins are married with children of their own. That means about 80 or so adults and then a TONNE of little kids! These people come together every July and reunite at the Lodge for some good ole family fun. It is a tent city with people sleeping where ever they can. Babies and children roam free and people take care of one another. It is communal food and LOTS of it. There are crafts to be made, games to be played and a quilt to be won. There are treats to be made and eaten, buns to be baked, and at least one strange meal to complain about (cantaloupe ranch chicken pitas). It is sunburns and boat riding in the dam, midnight swims and card playing. Staying up way too late to catch up with cousins. It is family time at it's finest. It is coming home exhausted and so glad to be done but sad that it will be another year until you do it all again.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 15, 2009

    Looks like a good time!