Friday, June 12, 2009

Pioneer Day

Emma had a Pioneer Day at school. They had to dress up and bring their lunch to school in a metal pail and only use things they had 100 years ago. In today's culture of processed foods and quick solutions this is no easy task! Even just thinking of what fruit or veggies she could bring made me stop for a second since they did not have things like bananas or pineapple or grapefruits, they were lucky if they had apples! I made some muffins and had to choose a kind that they would have had ingredients for readily available, so I made corn muffins. Also wrapping foods in wax paper/brown paper and using no plastic products was a challenge. It was fun though and so good for Emma to see all that we take for granted these days. We are so blessed to have all of the conveniences that we do but it is also nice to see that we can live with so much less and still be very happy!

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