Friday, June 5, 2009

A New Addition

Well, just one day after posting that I was nearing the end, the end came!  At my dr appt on Wednesday may 20th my dr went over the results from an ultrasound I had the week before.  She thought the baby was measuring small and with me not gaining weight or growing they were concerned.  After some consultation and phone calls while I waited in the office, she informed me that they would like to induce ... immediately.  Talk about shock!  I was numb as I drove home on strict instructions to return in an hour ready to have a baby.  I gathered Dallin and my things together, waited for his mom to come and left for the hospital.  
The induction thing was new to me - I have always gone into labor and THEN went to the hospital.  To get there with no contractions, no signs of imminent delivery was weird, especially knowing that the baby would be there by the next day.  The inserted the Cervadil and left me and Dallin to wait for some sign of labor.  They warned us that they would wait 12 hours with just the Cervadil and then start a drip of Oxytocin to get contractions going and if after 24 hours I had not delivered they would do a C-section.  I was prepped and ready for the long haul, thinking it could be an all-nighter.  After 3 hours I thought I felt a little contraction and within 10 minutes they were coming more regularly.  20 minutes later they were on top of each other and I was feeling the pain.  One move to the shower, a water break and back onto the bed and the baby was there.  Lydia Ellen was born at 9:36pm weighing 6lbs 3oz and 19 inches long perfect from head to toe.

After a day and half in the hospital we came home and she has been well loved ever since.  The kids just love her, kissing and hugging, holding and cuddling their new sister.  They are so enraptured by her and in constant amazement.  I love to watch them with her.  Even Jack is so gentle and sweet to her!  She will be the favorite for a while, I am sure.  We feel so blessed to have 4 healthy and beautiful children.  We also feel blessed to know that our family is eternal and these children are a part of us forever.  What a joy they are and how lucky we are to have them!


  1. Awe. I love baby stories.

  2. Oh, Congrats Tami! It is so fun to see the pictures of you goreous family!! It is so exciting to have her here now! Congrats!