Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nearing the end ....

Okay so maybe I am just dooming myself to torment by saying this but we are getting close.  I can use the term "we" because I am sure I have made many people feel like they are in this with me by complaining or torturing them with my moods, mostly my poor sweet husband!  He has been SOOOO good to me through the past 8 months and I really have had it so good.  
I do have to admit that this time has been a much better experience all around.  I promised myself that it would be since the pregnancy with Jack was just so miserable.  I was in pain.  ALL. THE. TIME.  We were selling our house so I was stressed.  We were packing to move so I was exhausted.  I was so big I could hardly move.  I went overdue by a WEEK.  Everything about it was not good.  It needed to be better this time so that I didn't go completely off the deep end!
I have 2 weeks left.  Some days that feels like an eternity and I am not sure how I will make it another 2 hours.  Most days though, I am shocked that I am due in 14 days.  I guess it could be as much as 24 days but I am trying not to focus on that too much :(  The past 8 months have really flown by and I can hardly believe it is almost time.  I am scared out of my wits most days, mostly at the thought of labor but I know that it will all be over soon and I will have my baby here, which will make it all worth it.  Right?  
So to honor this being the end I thought I would post what may be the last of my pregnant pics.  Plus a cute one of the kids .... how can I resist? 

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  1. Nearing the end and looking fabulous is what the title of this one should have been. You really look amazing. You make pregnancy look cute. Seriously. Good luck sweetie.