Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 81

Mini golf game with cousins

A bit of a bum start to this week.  A house full of guests yesterday which was fun but cooking for 20 is always a bit of a chore and a total gong show on my part.  I really need to work on organization and doing 1 thing at a time.  Anyway, Lydia's cold turned into a fever and she zonked out at 6pm before we had even eaten.  Then at 7:30 Jack started puking right after we gave him Tylenol for a headache.  Those two both slept until 6am when they alternated in our room and then Lydia capped it by puking all over our bed at 6:45, getting everyone up.  Now I have two sickies at home who are both whiney and grumpy and can't seem to agree on what they want to do.  I doubt they know themselves.  They have a few moments of wanting to play but then both feel pretty awful and it spirals downhill and they wind up on the couch again.
Here's hoping that the rest of the week goes a little better .....

This week for dinner:

Buttermilk fried chicken with sriracha honey drizzle (done in GF flour for my MIL), baked potato salad, GF biscuits, sliced watermelon (because what is fried chicken without watermelon?!?), a yummy asparagus dish from Julia, garden veggies and a jello salad from Kathy and GF black forest cake from James.

Leftovers from last night - so much food left and no ability to cook today!

Taking dinner to a family so long as my kids are returning to health.  Ricotta stuffed shells in marinara sauce, garlic bread, salad and maybe some green beans .... at least this is the plan so far.

our anniversary so need to make special dinner for my sweetie.  I think I will get some steaks from the butcher and do a cherry balsamic glaze for it, served with lemon garlic roasted potatoes, golden beets and broccoli rabe or some other fun veggie

Honey lime chicken enchiladas (we ended up doing the pork on Wednesday last week and then leftovers last Thursday) with spanish rice and corn, salad on the side

Dallin and the kids are off so we will be doing something fun.  Maybe we will take the kids out for dinner or else Dallin and I will go out to celebrate.

we have the Relief Society broadcast which is one of my favourite church events and there is a dinner beforehand and we will go out for treats/dessert after.

Have a great week and happy cooking!

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