Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 80

Happy Tuesday :)  Another week of school down, I guess that puts me one week closer to summer again.  We are semi-back into the routine.  I am not going to lie, I HATE getting up early and making lunches and rushing everyone out the door but it is kind of nice to have a system going and to be up and productive before 9am.  I am also loving being back at the gym.  I told myself I would go over the summer and I went ... exactly 3 times.  Now that the kids are in class all day and it is just Lydia I can go a few times a week and enjoy my time there and not feel bad about the kids being at home alone or what else I should be doing.  It is my time to do something for myself and with Dallin in school and being the parent at home 24/7, I am finding I really do need that time to myself.  We are facing down a nasty semester with 2 finance classes for Dallin which equals a LOT of homework, assignments and tests.  January can't some soon enough!

This week for dinner:

Big Rock Burgers (a nickname we gave to homemade burgers loaded to the max) with fresh veggies, fruit and chips

Brown sugar soy marinated chicken (I add crushed garlic clove to the marinade too), parmesan mashed potaotes, garlic mushroom green beans and green salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Penne with grilled chicken in tomato cream sauce, salad and fresh peaches (we have a few left that need to get eaten!)

Honey Lime chicken Enchiladas (I have been craving them for a while but haven't made them), spanish rice, zucchini and corn

Pork Satay with coconut brown rice, spicy glazed carrots, asian salad

It depends on if we are going out for Dallin's mom's birthday or not.  If we do we will go out for dinner and if not I may make homemade pizza.

If we do not go out Friday night we may go out Saturday for a date night.  Kids will eat something easy at home ;)  If not we will whip something up or maybe we will all go out together.

Is there anything you are dying to make now that fall is coming?  I love fall food, and baking with pumpkin is high on my list.  I am waiting just a little longer to make some pumpkin spice bread and pumpkin muffins with cream cheese icing.  YUMM!

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