Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 54

At the Stampede inside the army helicopter 

Okay, so I know I skipped a few weeks there.  Life happens and summer is summer.  We all get busy and forget to check in.  Not like most people missed anything but I need to keep track for me.
These past few weeks we:
*went to the Stampede twice, once to see a concert and the girls did not get to bed until 1:30 am.  If they ever say I don't let them do anything fun I think I will shoot them!
*attended a family reunion: 120 people + 4 bathrooms + tents everywhere + a bazillion kids = crazy fun and massive headaches
*went to the lake a few times and got burnt once
*did absolutely no cleaning in the house so now we are living in a barn.

This week will be spent cleaning and intermittently going outside to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.  We were supposed to go away this weekend but ended up not planning anything (totally not like me) so now we are staying around here, which suits me just fine.  Long weekend at home with all my favourite people?  Okay!

This week for dinner:

Dinner at my inlaws since my sister in law was in town.  We got to visit and eat my mother in laws DELICIOUS fried chicken and potato salad, plus fruit salad, blueberry spinach feta salad and trifle for dessert

Steak with blue cheese sauce, roasted potatoes, asparagus and yellow zucchini from our garden and salad (lettuce is abundant in our garden right now) with cherry tomatoes, cukes, cheese and whatever other begins need to get eaten up.  We may go for a bike ride for FHE to get ice cream

slow cooker butter chicken with naan bread (over basmati rice for the kids), green beans and carrots

Lemon Dill chicken breasts with roasted vegetable orzo with parmesan and glazed zucchini (we have so much in our garden i will be cooking with it for weeks!)

satay pork with a spicy peanut sauce over brown rice, green beans and maybe some dumplings

we are thinking of going hiking in Lake Louise with the kids to take them to see the place where Dallin proposed.  We will probably have to have dinner on the way home somewhere since we will be gone almost all day.  We will pack a picnic lunch but I doubt I will do dinner as well!

Depends on what we do and how Friday goes.  Maybe homemade pizzas or maybe ordering one - we will just play it by ear!

What are you eating this week?  Do you have a favourite way to eat zucchini?  I am going to need some recipes soon!!!

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