Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hawaiian Chicken

So, for anyone who cares, I am cooking my way across Pinterest.  I have SO many recipes pinned and I decided I MUST start making them or else what is the point?  This was one of the latest that we have made and it was a good'n.  The chicken has a tonne of flavour and served with coconut rice, it is the perfect balance of sweet and savoury, flavourful and comfort.  This is greta for barbecuing season and will spunk up your chicken thighs in a hurry.  Just be sure to marinate it for at LEAST a few hours, 4 is good and overnight is better.  You could also make the marinade and put it into the bag with the thighs and then toss them into the freezer when you get home from the store and then just pull them out to defrost and they will marinate as they thaw :)  

Hawaiian Chicken 
recipe by someone who blogged about it from someone else who blogged about it, etc (not me)


approx 8 boneless skinless chicken thighs
1 c low sodium soy sauce
1 c water
3/4 c brown sugar
1/2 bunch of green onions, chopped (save some for the top)
2 tbsp white onion, chopped finely
1 clove minced garlic
1/2 teaspoon of sesame oil
1/2 (13.5oz) can of coconut milk


1.  Remove visible fat from chicken thighs.  Mix soy sauce, water, brown sugar, onions, garlic, sesame oil, and coconut milk in a large bowl. Pour half over chicken and marinate chicken for at least 4 hours or overnight.

2.  Take reserved half of marinade and bring to boil in a small saucepan.  In a small bowl mix 1-2 tbsp water with 1 tsp cornstarch.  Add slurry to the sauce and bring to boil to thicken.  Remove from heat.

Grill chicken at a low heat so that the marinade does not burn for 5-7 minutes per side or until done.  Brush with the thickened sauce for last minute or two.  

4. Serve with any leftover sauce over coconut rice or noodles.  Garnish with green onions.

**I served this with coconut rice as recommended.  Just replace half the water for your rice with coconut milk (ex. 1 cup rice with 1 c water and 1 c coconut milk).  It worked out that the can I was using I took out the milk for the rice and used the rest in the marinade.  It was almost exactly correct.

Go forth and cook my pretties.  This recipe is an example of why I am happy that Pinterest is exists!

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