Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 44

Howdy folks.  Another week come and gone.  How was your Easter?  I like to believe that someone out there is reading this and I honestly hope it was full of sunshine, happiness and the remembrance that our Saviour lives again.  I love holidays in general but Easter is my favourite.  The renewal, the hope, the faith, the world coming alive again after a long sleep.  It is glorious!
In other news, we decided to paint our entire main floor last weekend.  Paint + 4 kids = disaster so thankfully my inlaws took them overnight to their house.  We got it all done and even got to go out to dinner and a movie while the paint dried.  Hunger Games = awesomeness!
Now I need to redecorate my house since I never had before and I don't like anything we currently have.  Vain, I know, but I am dying for a beautiful space that feels like ME.  Does that make sense?  I am blog stalking and stockpiling items to redo and makeover to make them feel homey and perfect.  I also have some curtains that I am making - wish me luck, I am NOT a seamstress!

For dinner this week:

Easter dinner at the Doneys - Ham, funeral potatoes (we all know my feelings on those), asparagus, greek salad, buns, bunny cake and donuts, plus a jello salad/dessert thing with grapes (I did not partake).

Dinner at a friends since we were in Airdrie (about an hour north of us) playing and enjoying our common day off :)

Orange BBQ pork tenderloin, parmesan polenta, honey glazed carrots and corn

I made buns today so sloppy joes, home fries, green beans and a salad

Maple Dijon chicken thighs, loaded mashed potatoes and buttered peas, mandarin orange and spinach salad

Chinese chicken, fried rice, dumplings, broccoli (we never made this the other week)

Not too sure, maybe tacos or black bean burritos or if Dallin needs to get out we will go on a date night :)

What are you cooking this week?  What is on your want-to-make list?  Anything that the warmer temps make you dream of?  I can't wait for shish kabobs on the BBQ ....

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  1. I want to see to pictures of the painting! I'm impressed you guys did it all. I know how crappy it is to paint. Good job!