Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 43

Okay how cute are these two?  Too bad they are rotten to the core when they are together!!!

Happy Monday all.  We had a WONDERFUL weekend, filled with spiritual enlightenment and yummy food.  We also had a nasty virus that would just NOT let go - it went through every one of us, literally right through us, and hung on tot he bitter end.  Quite glad that is over.
The weather is delightful right now and the days are sunny and cheerful.  I love that the kids can go outside to play after school and it is still so light out right until bed time.  Tonight was one of those perfect evenings where the kids played until dinner and then we baked cookies and enjoyed the last of the evening sunlight as we read scriptures and Harry Potter.  So wonderful.
We are getting ready to paint our entire main floor this week.  I am so excited and totally dreading it.  It is a LOT to paint but I am ready to fill all of the holes and make it look fresh again.  Wish us luck deciding on a colour!

This week for dinner:

Tarragon Chicken vol au vents with green beans and a romaine salad

Sweet and sour pineapple meatballs over brown rice with buttered peas

It depends on if I am bringing dinner to someone or not.  If yes, chicken drumsticks in some sort of sauce, roasted potatoes and green beans or broccoli, spinach mandarin salad or strawberry, depending on what I buy, something for dessert .... maybe banana cake since I have so many bananas!

This meal will switch nights depending on which night I am bringing dinner.  Pork chops marinated in citrus and rosemary, with a honey citrus glaze, parmesan polenta, glazed carrots and maybe a tomato cucumber salad

If I can swing it, mushroom soup and cheddar biscuits - we are starting to paint that day

My kids are supposed to spend the night at their grandparents so if they do, probably just eat out.  If we can swing it, I would love to go see the Hunger Games this night while the kids are away!

Something easy - not too sure what yet.  Possibly quesadillas, spanish rice and corn .....

Okay peeps, whatcha makin'?  Anything new you are trying?  Just tell me ONE thing you are cooking this week!

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