Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 42

I love this picture of my kids - reminds me of happy summer days!

Another week skipped.  This time I had a good reason - no computer!  The good news is my baby is back and I am SO thankful for my Mac.  I sporadically used Dallin's PC laptop last week and let me just say it sure made me love my Mac more!!!
It is snowing out my window right now.  Not sticking to the ground but falling in flakes and probably will stick overnight.  It is supposed to warm up and be in the teens all week (60's) but I am longing for warm weather.  I keep reminding myself that we only have 4 more weeks until 2 glorious weeks of hot weather but I just wish spring actually came in March like other places in the world.
Dallin is drawing close to the end of the semester.  It is crazy busy and makes me realize just how much more time we have until this masters degree is done.  It is a deep black hole of time that I try not to focus on too much.  One day at a time, right?
In light of being crazy busy, we have decided to paint our entire main floor over Easter.  Insane?  Yes.  Exciting?  Absolutely.  I promise to take before and after shots - something I totally forgot to do with my bedroom .... which is still not quite done.
Our menu this week .....

My dad came for dinner since my mom is out of town until May.  Pork tenderloin in a spicy honey sauce, cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes, sour cream and parmesan mashed potatoes, lemon pepper green beans and a banana cake for dessert - totally divine!

Whole Wheat penne with pesto cream sauce, spinach and fresh tomatoes.  Caesar salad and some raw veggies and fruit

Curried ginger steak with baked potatoes, parmesan roasted asparagus and just a plain garden salad on the side

Pineapple sweet and sour meatballs with brown rice and buttered peas

Something easy as I may be going out - maybe breakfast for dinner or some soup and sammies

Chinese Chicken with "fried" brown rice (not the recipe on there, I use my own), broccoli and dumplings

Black Bean Burritos with salsa, guacamole & chips, spanish rice and corn

What are you eating this week?  What recipe are you dying to try?  I want to make this Korean Fried Chicken but I need Korean Chili paste to make it and don't want to drive to downtown Calgary to get it!

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