Monday, March 19, 2012


Bad things happen in threes.  That is what they tell me at least.  I have never really experienced this before, or even paid attention I guess, but this week I stopped and took notice.  On Monday, I was making some banana bread in the afternoon when I noticed it was very cold in the house.  I put on some socks (which if you know me is a big deal) and a sweater and went back to work.  The oven was on baking for two hours with various things and still it got colder.  I went to check the thermostat: 18C.  Not the 21 I usually have it set at.  So I crank up the heat and turn on the fan and go back to work.  Until I notice that nothing has happened.  No air is blowing out of he vents.  After a cursory (and pointless) check of the furnace I begin making phone calls.  Dallin has class Monday evenings so it was daunting and scary as I had NO idea who to even call.  Many friends' husbands later, my dear sweet friend offered to call her nephew who just happens to be an HVAC specialist and live only a block away.  In less than an hour the problem is solved!  Can we say blessing?!?
On Wednesday night after class Dallin returns to his car only to find that someone has hit it and completely torn off the front bumper.  It is literally on the ground.  After removing said bumper from its last remaining bolt, he puts the bumper into the trunk and drives home.  No note was left and we are facing a massive repair charge.  We take the car in and get the police report and with the amazing insurance we have, it turns out it will not affect our premiums, the rental car is included and they even waived the deductible that we would normally have to pay since it was a hit & run.  Now we are comfortably waiting for the car to be fixed and it will be good as new.  Blessing #2
On Thursday morning we awoke to discover that our computer was dead.  We tried multiple times to start it, with only one success.  Every time it timed out it would die and we would have to restart it 20 times to get any results.  Emma had homework that she needed off the computer and when we tried to restart it the final time to get her homework printed, we got nothing.  In her perfect faith, Emma prayed that it would start and she could get it printed.  On the next try, it started with no problems, the homework was retrieved and it never started again.  We took it in to be assessed and possibly to retrieve any documents that we could, thinking we would have to buy a whole new machine.  We were told that indeed it was dead but that they could repair it with a new harddrive for $200 rather than the $2000 it would cost for a brand new Mac.  Blessing #3 and bonus Blessing.
Bad things have happened, a bit of unfortunate luck, but nothing tragic has come into our lives.  Where so many people are suffering terrible losses right now, we are so very lucky and blessed.  I guess it is all in how you look at it!

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  1. I love to hear your amazing down to earth perspective. Gratitude while accepting the craziness that real life brings. Glad to hear what life brings to you and how you are doing!