Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 36

Happy Monday, peeps.  I am now another year older but not so sure on the wiser part of things.  I am not sad to be older, I feel like my age is appropriate but I don't always feel like I am as "old" as people think my age should be.  I just need to redefine "mid-30's" and make it the new cool age to be!
It was the warmest birthday I think I have ever had.  Normally we can always count on it being the coldest day of the year.  When my sweet Mr. Doney and I were dating, he took me out for Korean food for my birthday since he had lived there for 2 years and was excited to introduce me to his favourite dishes.  He then planned for us to go ice skating at an outdoor rink.  What he did not plan is that it would be -30C (or about -22F for you Yankees).  I had to gently explain to him that my birthday was ALWAYS the coldest day of the year and we could not plan anything outdoors for it.  Ever.
I am not sure if he got it then but he has since come to understand what I mean.  I am fairly sure that every year we have been married (and that is almost 13), Groundhog's Day is at least -25C.  This year however, it was balmy out - into the pluses even (about 35F)!  We could hardly believe our luck - it was a birthday miracle!
That is the kind of birthday present Mother Nature can give me every year.  I will not look a gift horse in the mouth!

This week for dinner:

Dinner with some lovely friends.  Homemade burgers and salad, fresh veggies and chocolate chip banana bread and ice cream for dessert.  Amazing!  We have the BEST friends!

Asian chicken drumsticks, brown "fried" rice, sesame broccoli (I never made the chicken the other week)

Apple Dijon Pork chops, loaded baked potatoes, roasted zucchini and mushrooms

Beef Stroganoff over egg noodles, green beans and glazed carrots (our menu was off last week due to a 3 day migraine :( )

Chipotle rubbed salmon with mango salsa, oven roasted baby potatoes, and whatever kind of veggie and or salad Emma would like - it is her birthday!  (we were actually supposed to eat this for my birthday but it is her favourite too so I thought I would make it for her instead)

Emma's birthday party - 10  9 & 10 year old girls here, heaven help me!  Pizza and raw veggies and fruit for dinner plus cake!

No idea - probably just something easy or something made with a Costco rotisserie chicken!

What are you making this week?  Please share your recipes with me or at least ideas of what you are cooking.  I need some inspiration.  My goal this week is to just make everything on the menu - wish me luck!!!


  1. Tami, Happy Birthday! You are definitely not old and looking gorgeous as ever. I hope that you had a great day!