Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 35

Love this picture of my Mr. and Emma - he is such a good dad!

Is it seriously Monday already?  How come I didn't get a weekend?  Oh right, prepping for Great to Be 8, School work, Sharing Time, housecleaning, rearranging and kids stuff.  Add to that a very busy Sunday and I was totally wiped last night!
I am closing in on the end of another year, guys.  I know 2011 ended about 4 weeks ago.  I am about to get one year older this week.  I am neither dreading it nor excited for it.  It is not a big one, just another year, and I have come to accept the fact that I am old.  I have 4 kids, they are old, and my dear sweet Mr. Doney is old too.  It is what it is.  So I am going to make myself a yummy cake and make it all better :)

This week for dinner:

Lemon and herb roast chicken, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, oven roasted mexican sweet squash, spinach, feta, pomegranate and candied pecan salad.  We had my inlaws over for dinner so we could attend a church event with my middle daughter.  They are so good to us :)

So much leftover chicken so I am making "classy chicken" which is a total 1970's name for a curried chicken and broccoli casserole with shredded cheddar cheese on the top that you serve over brown rice.  We will be eating it with green salad with cukes, tomato, peppers and green onion.

Apple stuffed pork chops (yes, I have been talking about these all month and have yet to make them.  This is the week!), asparagus risotto, glazed carrots

Beef stroganoff over egg noodles (recipe to come), baked zucchini and spinach salad

chipotle rubbed Salmon with mango salsa, roasted new potatoes, garlic roasted broccoli, southwest quinoa salad, Coca-Cola cake for dessert (all my favourites!!!)

Not too sure, Dallin says we are going out and I have to get dressed up :)

Homemade pizza - we have talked about it for weeks and not made it

What are you eating this week?  Tried any good recipes lately?  I will post on my new recipes and cooking adventures soon.  We made foccacia chicken paninis with chipotle lime mayo, tomato, avocado and jalapeño jack cheese which do sound good when you type it all out but they were just so-so.  We both agreed that we would not crave them again!

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