Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 32-ish .....

Alright, peeps.  It is the second week of January and we have had the most wonderful, glorious, beautiful weather I think I have ever seen this time of year around these parts.  Normally we would be venturing into the horrid freezing depths of -30C right about now (about -22F for those of you 'mericans), but we are sitting pretty in the 5-10C range (about 40F) and I. AM. LOVING. IT!!!  I will not lie, I hate winter.  I have horrible side effects and all kinds of misery ensues when we are boxed in by cold and snow.  This winter has been like a dream so far.  I can only imagine what is lurking in February and March but for now, I will take this!  I don't even care that our lake is not frozen - I barely have to wear boots outside!

As for our meals, last week they ended up wonky and messed up and I will venture a guess that they are not going to get any better.  You see, my dear sweet husband has started back at school.  He is getting his MBA and we are staring into the mouth of 3 more years of academia.  While I am super excited for him and know this will really bless our family, I am still trying to work out the kinks of how we live without him again.  We have done it before and will do it again, it is just getting our groove back that is tricky.  Onward and upward, right?

This week:

Dinner at my parents.  My grandparents are leaving this week to go home so we went for one last visit.  Roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, turnips, yorkshire pudding and chocolate cake.

Asian pork tenderloin, fried rice, broccoli and red peppers, spinach and mandarin salad (for me and Sophie)

Bourbon chicken, brown rice, green beans with almonds

Taco pie with spanish rice, corn, mexican tortilla & black bean salad

Apple stuffed pork chops with a white cheddar apple cream sauce, oven roasted potatoes, glazed carrots

Not too sure - we are going to book club so maybe out to dinner first or just something easy at home like chicken and veggie quesadillas

Chicken sandwiches, sweet potato fries with a cilantro chili lime dip, raw veggies

What are you guys eating?  What are your new food goals for the new year?  Mine is to get back to making soup at the beginning of the week to eat for lunches - I like having it on hand and being able to just spoon some up and eat!

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  1. That is exciting that Dallin is going back to school! Busy but great. I just love to get ideas for dinner from you. Thanks so much!