Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 29

Okay, people.  WInter is officially here.  It is weird but this year it feels perfect.  For me to say that statement is a miracle.  I hate winter, snow, cold and slush.  I hate packing everyone into snowsuits and finding hats, mitts and scarves, lost boots and the like.  I don't love being cold or runny noses, wet socks and frozen fingers and toes.  Why, then, do I live in the middle of frigid Canada very close to the Rocky mountains?  Good question.
This year though, we had a lovely fall.  Warm and long, with gorgeous leaves changing and falling.  No snow and barely any rain.  It was perfect.  Go to the park in the afternoon weather.  Play outside in the cul-de-sac weather.   Sweater and cute boot with no real need for a jacket weather.  I loved.  Now that December is here, we have had a dump and I mean DUMP of snow.  Everything is now glittery and white.  With Christmas around the corner it just seems like the right time.  It is beautiful, crisp and perfect.
I am sure if you talk to me in January, once the glow of Christmas has ended it will be a different story.  Until then, though .....

This week's menu:

General Tao chicken drumsticks (it is a recipe for wings but I just make drumsticks and we eat it for dinner), roasted baby potatoes and sweet potatoes, corn

Orange Thai beef skewers over brown rice, a broccoli, pepper and carrot stir fry

sausage and peppers, potatoes and a green salad

oven baked Honey BBQ shortribs, parmesan mashed potatoes, green beans

Butternut squash soup, homemade buns and spinach salad (I have to make it for enrichment at church so my family will have to eat it too, although I may make the kids some corn chowder instead)

We are going to Dallin's work Christmas party and the kids are sleeping at my parents - no idea what either of us will be eating!

Probably black bean burritos, guacamole, veggies and dip and a movie ......

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