Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week 28

Well folks, things have been crazy around these parts.  I feel so unorganized and cannot for the life of me put together a meal plan.  I have cooked every night, it is just that I only figure it out just before I make it. Have I mentioned before how much I HATE that?  It feels so sporadic and chaotic.  Anyway, I am just going to write it all down and maybe even start planning for next week.  I think I need to do some serious recipe reading and searching to get my mojo back.
Anyway, game on .....

I have no idea what the fam ate but I had ...... nothing, actually.  We were driving back from Kalispell and we didn't eat.  I did have a giant chocolate & almond coated ice cream bar.  Does that count?

Chicken fajitas with my new american tortillas (LOVE!), all the fixins including guacamole which I love, spanish rice and corn

Orange BBQ pork chops, crispy smashed potatoes, steamed broccoli with cheese sauce

Italian Cream Chicken in the crockpot (I have planned to make this forever and just never do - I know it has been on here a few times but I am finally just getting around to it), farfale noodles or rice to serve it on, glazed carrots and spinach salad

Bacon wrapped Glazed Meatloaf with mashed sweet potatoes, green beans and romaine and berry salad with red onion and a sweet dressing

My girls have a birthday party to go to far away so we will be eating up there - Dallin will probably just have cereal at home

We have an adult Christmas Party to go to at church so I am guessing there is a meal and we will just feed the kids something easy/leftovers before we go

So, what are you cooking these days?  Anything coming to your mind?  Have you made anything really amazing lately?  I made THESE last week and they are fantastic, I highly recommend them.  I left out the red onion and put parsley in the breading but other than that pretty much followed the recipe and it tasted delic :)

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