Monday, November 21, 2011

The Closet of my Dreams

Okay, well not really.  In my dreams I have a WAY bigger closet.  I can walk in and have closet on every wall and a large seat in the middle and racks and racks of shoes.  And if I had that closet then I would need to shop for more shoes so I could fill it.
That being said, we have one of the worst closets going.  It is small, awkward, strangely shaped and MESSY!  It always felt like an episode of hoarders walking in there.  Just see for yourself:

(there was clothes hanging all the way across this rack but I got them all emptied before I realized that I forgot to take a picture!)

I was so tired of constantly looking at the wreckage in my closet so one day, Dallin and I played around with an online closet organizer.  They had a section where you could design your own closet system.  You could add any items you wanted - long hanging, short hanging with shelves, double hanging, drawers, hampers, shoes racks (drool), the works.  It was so fun to plan and dream but we weren't ready to commit to anything so we just put our dreams on the back burner.  Fast forward another month or two and we decided to paint our room.  It was time and the dark dreary bedroom and ensuite just had to go.  We moved everything out in preparation of painting and lo and behold our ridiculously flimsy dressers literally fell apart upon touching them.  So we pitched them.  Just tossed them in the trash in a fit of rage.  Then it dawned on us .... we no longer have anywhere to put all of our clothes.  Hence the MESS in the pictures above.  We were living out of boxes (and rubbermaid bins) and life was chaotic.  If you want a test in patience, try living out of containers and boxes and bins for a few months.  It sure gives you perspective.  So enter our closet system again.  We realized that we needed to do something and quick.  We designed and redesigned, measured and hummed and hawed until we got the design that would fit the space and our needs just right.  Then we called all the closet companies and had them come in to give us an estimate to compare.  It was SHOCKING just how much more they were charging, as in DOUBLE what the DIY would cost.  That was enough for us.
It finally arrived last week and after a lot of anticipation, blood, sweat, tears and a few Judases, the closet is done.  It feels like heaven just walking in there now.  I feel like such a spoiled wife to have everything so well organized and something pretty in my closet.  I also feel like it was all worth it now that it is done.  I am in love, and I don't care who knows it!  

So, now for the pics, which do not do it justice if you had really seen how awful it was before ....


  1. I have that "ahhhhh." relaxed feeling looking at your new closet. Tidiness really does bring peace to your life. I love it.

  2. that is so lovely! Everything in its place and a place for everything, I bet all feels right in your world- especially after living in bins and having no place for anything.
    I'm really happy for you guys and you made me laugh out loud with the Judases. haha