Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Crazy Ones

As I sit here staring at my Mac, so smooth and sleek, quietly humming with nary the loud whirring and clunking of my previous computers, my girls iPods on my left and loading movies on our AppleTV, I realize just how profoundly Mr. Jobs changed things. Once upon a time I had to insert DVDs which my children inevitable scratched or bring a case full of CD's for long car trips, now I have nifty gadgets that in years past seemed only a dream. I can access my entire music library with a mere swipe of my finger and take that library with me in the car or on a run. I can pull out the iPad and connect to anyone anywhere and lets not even get started on the iPhone. The "other woman" in many a relationship that I know. Steve Jobs was a visionary. A genius who marched to his own beat but got things done. He was a rebel, a round peg in a square hole. He would NOT be ignored. I am a convert to the Apple world, a grateful one whose life has changed forever because of these products. Thank you Mr. Jobs, rest in peace.

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